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AirBadminton - Complete Guide: How to Play, Doubles, Triples and the Rules

The BWF (Badminton World Federation) first spoke publicly about AirBadminton back in 2016. Details were sparse and not much was said about the new proposed outdoor format for Badminton until the full press release on 13th May 2019. So what is AirBadminton?

The 9 Skills You Need to Play Badminton

To be good at any sport you need to master the basics. Mastering the basic techniques and skills allows you to play consistently and improve. Badminton is a very beginner-friendly sport but difficult to master. Anybody can learn and master the basic skills for Badminton. So what are the basic skills you need to play Badminton?

5 Must-Have Equipment You Need for Badminton

You need equipment with any sport. Without equipment, you can’t play, unfortunately. Badminton equipment is widely available and affordable. There are very good basics sets on Amazon for people just getting started and there are online retailers that provide more professional equipment for players who want to get serious. So, what are the essential pieces of equipment for Badminton?

Is Tennis or Badminton Harder? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

Tennis and Badminton are often compared to one another in various ways. They’re both racquet sports, they both require great speed and agility, to play well you need to have good hand-eye coordination and so on. Like many sports, they’re easy to start but difficult to master. So is Tennis or Badminton harder?

What is Gutting in Badminton?

I'll admit, before writing this article I'd never heard of the term “gutting” in Badminton before. Without an explanation, it's hard to take a guess at what it could mean. So, what is gutting in Badminton?

Which Badminton String is Best for Smashing?

A lot of players, especially less experienced players, ask me this or similar questions. They want to improve their smash to feel like they can win more points. I understand the jump smash in Badminton is exciting. When you hit a jump smash just right it feels really good. Even better if you manage to win the point. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding strings and tension. So which is the best Badminton string for smashing?