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Badminton Drills for Beginners - 11 Exercises to Master the Basics

Today we’re going to share with you 11 of the best Badminton drills for beginners. These drills are used by players and coaches all around the world. If you want to improve your fundamental skills and move to a higher level then keep reading.

Badminton Drills at Home [Improve with Practical, Effective Exercises]

Stuck at home? These exercises and Badminton drills will help you improve your footwork, racquet skills and fitness when you can’t get to a court. Training designed for minimal space and equipment so anyone can use them.

The 3 Best Badminton Racket for Beginners (2020)

Just getting started playing Badminton? Not sure which racquet is best to start out with? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to give you the three best Badminton racquets for beginners. No matter how new you are or how you play, one of these racquets will suit you.

How Do Badminton Players Make Money? (2020)

Badminton isn’t the richest sport in the world. Especially in western countries where there is little media coverage and where live sports are dominated by Football. You don’t see Badminton players in TV ads or cameoing in movies. So how do Badminton player make money?

Why is Badminton not Popular in the US? [The Truth]

There are more than 220 million people who play Badminton around the world every single year. Despite that huge player base the interest in competitive Badminton really lacks in the US. You ask people about Badminton and they say “oh yeah, I’ve played that” and then you ask them who their favourite player is and they’re like… “favourite player?”. So why is Badminton less popular in the US?

How to Play Badminton Doubles with a Weaker Partner [Strategies and Tactics]

We’ve all had it, the frustration that comes from losing a match when you were paired with a weaker player. It’s hard to get over and most of the time you’re not sure what you could have done differently. In this guide, I’m going to talk you through strategies and tactics to help you win even when playing with a weaker player. So, how do you play Badminton doubles with a weaker partner?