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The Best Badminton Bags to Suit any Player

You need a good quality Badminton bag if you play regularly. Playing Badminton requires having a pair of shoes, racquets, spare clothes and socks, shuttlecocks and other bits and bobs. That’s a lot of stuff to carry around. Fortunately, if you get a good bag you’ll be able to carry all of that around without any trouble. My Badminton bag is my pride and joy.

Having said that, some Badminton bags are not cheap. Not everyone can spend a lot of money just for a bag. So here are the four Badminton bags I’d recommend to suit any budget and any player.

  • Head Elite Backpack
  • Yonex Team 4926 6 Racket Bag (Red)
  • Yonex 9831WEX Pro Tournament Racket Bag (Black)
  • Yonex 98212 Pro 12 Racket Bag (Infinite Blue)

The list goes from lowest to highest price. They’re all good bags but some will be more suitable to you than others. Read on to find the best Badminton bag for you.

Head Elite Backpack - The Best Budget Bag

This bag is perfect for anyone on a budget or players just starting out. If you don’t have a lot of equipment this bag is perfect for you. It can hold two racquets, has a dedicated pocket for shoes, a side pocket for accessories etc and a large main compartment for clothes, drinks and other larger items.

It’s the smallest bag on this list and the cheapest. It’s the size of the average backpack so everyone can manage with it but big enough to store a decent amount of kit. It’s at a great price on Amazon. Click here to buy.

Yonex Team 4926 6 Racket Bag (Red) - The Best Middleground Bag

The next bag on this list is more the traditional design of a racquet bag. It holds up to six Badminton racquets, has a small side compartment for accessories, a large compartment for clothes, shoes and shuttlecocks. The only thing this bag lacks is a dedicated shoe compartment but if you get this shoe bag (/recommended-gear/best-badminton-accessories/#sports-shoe-bag) from our Best Badminton Accessories (/recommended-gear/best-badminton-accessories/) list then it’s not a problem.

With a single handle and a shoulder strap handle, it’s easy to carry. A more spacious bag for those who need to carry a bit more with them. More suited to regular players with more racquets and equipment. It’s a great price for a bag with plenty of space to holds racquets and everything else. Find it here on Amazon.

Yonex 9831WEX Pro Tournament Racket Bag (Black) - The Best High-End Bag

If you’re serious about Badminton and have a sense of style then the Yonex 9831WEX Pro bag is the one for you. This bag holds up to six racquets, has a side compartment for all your accessories, has two main compartments and a shoe compartment. This bag has enough space for everything you need. More in the shape of a traditional duffel bag and less like a racquet bag it looks beautiful coupled with the geometric black and grey design. I see more and more players going for this style of bag over the traditional racquet bag shape.

This is one of the higher end bags you can get and for a true enthusiast, it’s worth it. With so much space available you’ll never find yourself having to leave anything at home. Going for £54.99 on Direct Badminton it’s a quality bag for the serious player that will last a long time.

Yonex 98212 Pro 12 Racket Bag (Infinite Blue) - The Best Luxury Bag

The largest bag on this list by far, it’s best for the seriously committed athlete. Sporting two racquets compartments holding six racquets each for a total of twelve racquets, one huge main compartment, multiple side zipped pockets and a dedicated shoe compartment. This bag could be used for two-three people! So much space and plenty of luxury details such as thermally insulated compartments for racquets and double padded shoulder straps, this bag has it all.

I’d recommend this bag for only those who have more kit then they can count. Coaches can benefit too with so much space to store shuttles and spare racquets you’ll never be without. By far the most expensive bag on the list, going for £94.80 on Direct Badminton it’s a considerable investment but considering mine has lasted well over four years it’s a good investment.

Written by Liam Walsh who lives in Manchester, England. Working as a Software Engineer but moonlighting as a dad, Badminton player/coach and creator of BadmintonsBest.