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Lets in Badminton - Was it In or Out? Net Cords When Serving

This is the complete guide to lets in Badminton. We’re going to breakdown what a Badminton let is and explain all of them mentioned in the Badminton rules. You’ll learn when to call a let during the game to avoid any disputes.

All Badminton Faults Explained (with Videos)

In this guide, we briefly explain what a Badminton fault is, then we’re going to breakdown and explain all the Badminton faults in the Badminton rules. You’ll understand what the rules are and how to avoid being faulted.

Badminton Rules when Serving - Avoiding Common Faults (With Pictures)

There are a lot of rules around serving in Badminton, it’s a very confusing part of the sport for those just getting started. In this guide, I’m going to cover: the basic serving rules, common faults when serving, the service court, serving rules for singles, serving rules for doubles, the rules when receiving serve

Badminton Rules Scoring - The Rally Point System

In this guide we’re going to look at the scoring system in Badminton and the rules for scoring. We’ll cover everything including: the old scoring system and the rule change in 2006, the current scoring system, who serves and which side (singles and doubles), other tips and things to know for scoring, useful resources, PDFs and links

Badminton Rules Made Simple for Beginners (PDF Included)

This is a beginners guide for the rules of how to play Badminton. We’ll cover all areas including the basic rules, scoring, serving, differences between singles and doubles, common faults and lets. So what are the basic Badminton rules?