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What do you Wear to Play Badminton? A Complete Guide

You’re new to Badminton, you’ve just started playing at a local club and you’re not sure what to wear. If you’ve done any other sports of any kind chances are you have the majority of what you need to wear to play Badminton. It’s great for new starters as they can get started with the sport quickly. So, what do you wear to play Badminton?

Are Yonex Badminton Shoes Any Good? (An Honest Review)

I’ve been fortunate that ever since I was young my father would buy me good quality Badminton shoes. He did his research and Yonex shoes were always at the top everyone’s lists. We were even luckier to be able to try on various models thanks to our local Badminton shop. I’ve been through countless pairs of Yonex shoes and yet people always ask. Are Yonex Badminton shoes any good?

How to Hit the Sweet Spot in Badminton

Hitting the sweet spot is something you develop over time. It’s something everyone struggles with at the beginning but gets easier as you progress. Top Badminton players rarely make a mishit and they make every shot look natural and easy. So, how do you hit the sweet spot in Badminton?

Badminton Racquet Maintenance Guide (Grommets, Strings, Grips, Paint Repair, Cleaning)

Looking after your Badminton racquets should be a no-brainer for any Badminton player, whether you’re a beginner or an elite player. Look after your equipment and they will last longer and give you more back in return. Sadly not everybody gives their Badminton racquets the TLC they deserve. So how do you look after your Badminton racquet?

Is Badminton a Real Sport? 5 Reasons Why It Definitely Is

When most people think of Badminton they think about when they play it with their family in their back garden during summer. It’s one of the fantastic things about Badminton, that people can pick up and play and have fun. They think that’s all Badminton is. They never experience the professional and exciting fast-paced game at its best. They always ask the same question. Is Badminton a real sport?

What's the Difference Between Squash and Badminton?

Squash and Badminton, two very different sports, but for people who have never played them they’re often mixed up and they’re not sure which one is which. It happens a lot with racquet sports that people can’t distinguish them from one another. So people often ask, what’s the difference between Squash and Badminton?