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The Best Badminton YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

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The world watches plenty of YouTube every single day, good news as a Badminton fan there are now so many great Badminton channels to watch on YouTube. Whether you want to watch live Badminton, learn to play Badminton and or just see some great montages there’s a channel for you.

So which are the best Badminton YouTube channels? We’ve compiled a list of 21 amazing Badminton YouTube channels just for you:

That’s a big list. That’s why we’ve broken this list down into three categories; YouTube channels for watching live or recorded Badminton, educational Badminton channels and inspirational and fun Badminton channels.

YouTube channels to watch live Badminton streaming

Badminton is lucky in a way that it isn’t widely televised around the world. Big media partners don’t fight tooth and nail to get the licenses for providing the live coverage of the top Badminton events.

When broadcasting platforms such as YouTube matured this gave the BWF and others a way to self broadcast and host their own coverage of the sporting events. Lucky for us this means YouTube has years of recorded Badminton history from the biggest events around the world. Here are the channels to catch live Badminton streaming.

Badminton World TV

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) are the owners of the Badminton World TV channel. It’s the official channel on the YouTube platform to watch and rewatch live Badminton from around the HSBC World Tour circuit. They also publish player and coach interviews with the occasional behind the scenes content and also highlights and _play of day _videos from the latest tournament.

Video content goes back as far as the World Championships in 2011. It’s free to watch but there are geo-blocking restrictions in some countries. This channel is for anyone who wants to watch live Badminton and keep up with the World Tour.

Link: Badminton World TV

Badminton Europe

Another official governing body for Badminton, this time it’s Badminton Europe Confederation’s official YouTube channel. Here you can watch live coverage of the latest European international tournaments that don’t make it onto Badminton World TV. They don’t manage to cover every tournament and recently they’ve started to post more on their own platform over at Badminton Europe TV.

They also publish post-match interviews with players and video formats of their official BEC podcast. Follow this channel to get the latest matches and news from the European circuit.

Link: Badminton Europe

Best YouTube channels to learn Badminton

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, YouTube has Badminton channels and content that can help you improve. There is content ranging from simple how-to tutorials to in-depth match analysis of the best players.

Learning Badminton on YouTube is nothing brand new but more and more educational content channels are emerging and in 2020 the list of great educational channels continues to grow. Read on to find the best YouTube channel for you.

Coaching Badminton

This list has to start with Lee Jae-Bok’s channel, Coaching Badminton. Lee Jae-Bok is a former Korean singles, doubles and mixed doubles national champion. He’s a coach with 50 years experience of playing and coaching Badminton.

He’s previously been the Korean, English and British Olympic Head Coach in the 1980s and 90s and has been a speaker at nine different international coaching conferences throughout the years.

One of the first Badminton channels on YouTube, Lee has been posting educational Badminton content on YouTube since 2010! In that times he’s posted over 800 videos covering everything from footwork to doubles positioning.

Recommended for:

  • Badminton players of all levels. From having never played before and want to master the basics to more advanced players wanting to learn more advanced strategies, Lee’s channel has it all.
  • Coaches. A lot of Lee’s content has players practising a particular drill to improve something very specific. Coaches can take these practices away with them to use for their players when coaching.

Link to Coaching Badminton YouTube.

Shuttle Life

Mads and Sophie are professional Badminton coaches based in Denmark. They started their YouTube channel as a way to help coaches and players with their daily training. With over 300 videos and nearly 200k subscribers at the time of writing, they’ve definitely fulfilled that goal.

Shuttle Life’s content works so well in teaching people Badminton because of their signature video style. They use a lot of annotations on top of recorded footage to illustrate key things to note and also use multiple camera angles to give a full picture.

Although most of their content is informational they do branch out into doing fun trickshot videos, collaborations and breaking down tricky Indonesian spin serves.

Recommended for:

  • Badminton players, any level. They mainly cover areas that suit players that are already competent with the basics of Badminton. However, they have produced a great three-part series of videos that collate their previous content into three easily digestible videos.
  • Badminton fans. If you just want to see trick shots then they have some great videos showing just that.

Link to Shuttle Life YouTube.

Badminton Famly

Formerly a YouTube channel called Badminton System setup by Rasmus Tran, a Danish Badminton coach teamed up with Badminton Famly to become one. That joining brought on board Thomas Laybourn, a former World and European mixed doubles champion from Denmark and Phillip Ørbæk a Badminton enthusiast and marketing expert.

Their channel focuses looks at all technical aspects of Badminton. Much like Shuttle Life, they annotate most of their videos to highlight key areas to look at etc. They have some unique camera angles in their videos too, including a Go-Pro type view from the perspective of the practising player.

Recommended for:

  • Badminton players, all levels. Very similar to Shuttle Life although some of their videos are shorter in length and don’t dive into the detail that some beginners might need to correct mistakes.

Link to Badminton Famly YouTube.

BG Badminton Academy

Gerald Ong is the creator of BG Badminton Academy on YouTube. He’s a former Singapore international Badminton player but now works as a Badminton coach. Gerald is easily the reason why this channel is so special.

He has a genuine passion for Badminton and for teaching people. His energy throughout his videos is always inspiring and he never fails to put a smile on my face whilst watching. Badminton should not just be about improving but having fun as well. Gerald nails this.

Recommended for:

  • Badminton players with some experience. Gerald delivers some great content but I’d advise absolute beginners to look at other channels for more in-depth videos covering the basics. His content is best for those that already have some level of competency.

Link to BG Badminton Academy YouTube.

Swift Badminton

Jonathan from the UK founded Swift Badminton on YouTube and isn’t your normal grassroots Badminton player. Like everyone who’s picked up a racquet, he fell in love with the sport instantly but with no formal coaching he set out to improve without coaching.

With over 70k subscribers with only 25 videos posted at the time of writing, his content has proven to be very popular. He has a mixture of educational and entertaining content.

His educational content tends to just cover one aspect but he covers it in a good amount of depth. His video covering the low backhand serve is very good.

His most interesting content though is his entertainment factor videos. Videos like types of Badminton coaches and 7 ways to suck at Badminton are videos you don’t see anywhere else.

Recommended for:

  • Avid Badminton players. Swift Badminton is definitely a channel for diehard Badminton fans. Jonathan gets his audience and knows how to create content for them. However, more recent videos have leaned away from the educational content.

Link to Swift Badminton YouTube.

Tobias Wadenka

Tobias is a half player, half coach. A former German international player he specialises in men’s singles. His YouTube channel excels in creating educational content perfect for beginners by breaking down the very basics of Badminton.

His content is clear and precise and provides good examples of techniques in action. In more recent content he’s started to branch out into practice drills and an interesting insight to the matchday of a badminton player.

Recommended for:

  • Beginner Badminton players onwards. Tobias covers the basics of Badminton really well, he goes into each topic in depth. Beginners will benefit most because of the tactical explanation behind the techniques and execution.

Link to Tobias Wadenka YouTube

KC Badminton

Kowi Chandra is a former Indonesian men’s doubles player and was ranked number one in the country between 2003-2004. He then moved to the United States and won a number of national titles before he became Head Coach at Badminton Bay Center.

Kowi’s content isn’t the largest library out there but he does have some standout pieces of content nobody else has covered. Videos like “hanging the bird” which is a useful tool for coaches to help beginners and “dynamic warm-up” routines which is crucial for everyone to know.

Recommended for:

  • Intermediate Badminton players. Kowi’s content has changed a lot since he first starting posting eight years ago. His newest content follows the trend of being more suited to players with an intermediate level of skill and ability. Focusing on drills and improving basic skills.

Link to KC Badminton YouTube

Badminton Connect

A little hidden gem not many people know about, Badminton Connect was a project that featured video tutorials from Peter Rasmussen, former World Champion in mens’ singles, Chen Weihua, former Chinese national player and coach of Lin Dan, Zhao Jianhua, another former World Champion in mens’ singles and Xiao Jie a professor at Capital Institute of Physical Education University in Beijing, China and also former Chinese national player.

That’s a pretty good recipe for some world-class Badminton content. The channel only lasted for a brief period, they haven’t posted any content since 2011 but the content still holds up. Some of the content originated from a produced television series teaching Badminton.

Their best content is probably the playlist called Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie. In this playlist, both coaches assess players of different levels and show them what and how to improve. It’s great content if you’re a player looking to improve in the same areas or if you’re a coach looking to see how other help players improve in the same area.

Recommended for:

  • Players starting from an intermediate level. Although they cover the basics, the real value from this channel is learning how to correct inefficiencies with players who aren’t absolute beginners.
  • Coaches. Especially the playlist mentioned above, watch how they analyse the players when coaching.

Link to Badminton Connect YouTube.

Prit Pachu

Having over 25 years of experience coaching Badminton, Prit has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share with his viewers on YouTube. A Level 3 UKCC Badminton Coach with Badminton England sat alongside an MSc. Exercise Physiology & Environmental Medicine and a BKin. Exercise & Sports Science it’s fair to say he’s qualified.

Prit’s videos are incredibly detailed and he uses all of his sports science knowledge to illustrate how stroke motions and footwork patterns work. We’re excited to see what new content he’ll bring to YouTube going forward.

Recommended for:

  • Beginner players. As of 2020 Prit has been resubmitting his YouTube videos recorded with voice-over and better quality video. His content catalogue is quite small but he covers beginner content in great detail.

Link to Prit Pachu YouTube.

Paul Stewart Advanced Badminton Coach

Based in Chesire, UK, Paul has been on the YouTube scene since 2009, he’s an advanced coach with many years of experience. He’s worked with some of the best coaches in the UK and runs highly popular residential courses.

Recommended for:

  • Badminton enthusiasts. Paul has some educational content on his channel but it’s far from the main contributor. Paul’s channel is sporadically active and you’ll find more racquet and equipment reviews on here more than anything. Want to see what the latest racquets are like, then check out his channel.

Link to Paul Stewart Advanced Badminton Coach YouTube.


Definitely the most unique channel in the education section. TAGO KEN is the YouTube channel of the former player Kenichi Tago of Japan. Since his departure from playing, he’s set himself up as an independent coach. His channel has both educational tutorials and general vlog type stuff documenting his travelling and coaching.

His earliest content has some detailed insights for footwork and racquet skills. His content is all in Japanese with no dedicated subtitles which means unless you know Japanese it’s going to be hard to follow along. YouTube’s auto-captions do a decent job but I think some things are lost in translation.

Recommended for:

  • Badminton enthusiasts. His content has a lot of golden nuggets of wisdom from one of the best players in the world during his time. The majority of his content is in Japanese without dedicated subtitles so I’m unable to tell which level of learner his content would be best suited for. Having said that, everyone can learn something from a former world number three.

Link to TAGO KEN YouTube.

YouTube channels for inspiration and fun

Everyone loves a good trickshot video. Everyone awes at the epic montage and highlight videos. YouTube has plenty of educational content but even more content to entertain.

Lucky for Badminton fans there’s a never-ending stream of entertaining content on YouTube. They provide us with inspiration from our Badminton heroes, make us laugh with Badminton stereotypes or show us what it’s like to reach the final of the Indonesia Masters. Here are the most inspirational, fun and awe-inspiring Badminton channels on YouTube.

Shuttle Flash

This list simply could not exist if it didn’t feature Shuttle Flash. Shuttle Flash is definitely the most popular YouTube channel featuring highlights, top lists and elite Badminton montages. Watch any of their videos and it’s not hard to see why they have over 300k subscribers and more than 75 million total views on their channel.

Their videos have compelling titles, a cinematic intro in the style of the Marvel intro, feature some great editing skills with sound and clips and you have Badminton fan heaven. Some of my favourites are the Lee Chong Wei Crazy Speed and Skills video, the most unbelievable Badminton shots and legendary a tribute to the 4 kings of Badminton.

Link to Shuttle Flash YouTube.

Shuttle Amazing

Shuttle Amazing is a channel you want to go to when you want to see Badminton at a better angle then they show it on TV. They collect videos of matches where they’ve been filmed from the crowd where they’re lower to the ground and also off to one side.

For Badminton, this is the best angle to watch from as you get the speed and trajectory of the shuttle with more context to the players moving all around the court. Some good videos include a match between Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong vs Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino and an exhibition match between Lee Chong Wei and Li Xue Rui vs Chen Long and Tai Tzu Ying.

Link to Shuttle Amazing YouTube.


You can find a mixture of different content on MADminton but they all share one thing in common, they all look at the best players in the world. You won’t find any how-to or tutorial videos here except if it’s analysing the top players.

MADminton has some great montage videos, nice angle videos and player analysis videos. Some of my favourites include the Goh V Shem Beautiful Smasher, a video analysing Lin Dan’s posture change and a nice angle video match of Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong vs Keigo Sonoda and Takeshi Kamura.

Link to MADminton YouTube.

Badminton Universe

Not publishing often but Badminton Universe is another great channel to visit when you want to see nice angle videos. Recording from the crowd at the Denmark Open from various years there are some great matches to revisit.

Some of the best matches to watch include a 2014 men’s doubles final between Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan vs Lee Yong-Dae and Yoo Yeon-Seong, a tight match from 2014 between the on the rise Chou Tien Chen vs Lin Dan the legend and finally a match from 2015 featuring Lee Chong Wei vs Wei Nan with some of the most deadly accurate and powerful smashes you’ve ever seen.

Link to Badminton Universe YouTube.

Badminton with Jeffrey

Jeffrey is a Badminton fan through and through, he’s not trying to sell people anything, he’s not trying to coach people techniques and skills, he’s a Badminton player simply documenting his playing journey and striving to get better.

His videos are mostly Jeffrey summarising and analysing his progress throughout the months. He does do some content looking at top players and talks about what he’s learned from watching the best Badminton players play live.

His best videos are the ones where he breaks down his training videos to see how he’s improving. Like this video where he tries to upgrade his smash in China.

Link to Badminton with Jeffrey YouTube.

Poison Cobra

Unlike any other Badminton content out there Poison Cobra entertains with bizarre and unique content nobody else would even think of. His comedy isn’t for everyone but he does stand out as a unique content creator that edits his videos really well.

Whether it’s putting fake replicas vs the real thing and seeing if there are genuine differences or meeting some of the most famous players at the All England he’s sure to leave a childish smile on your face.

Link to Poison Cobra YouTube.

Anders Antonsen

A professional men’s singles player from Denmark, Anders Antonsen has been ranked as high as number three in the world and is still an active player today. Only 22 years old and he has made a big impact on the World Tour and also on YouTube. Amassing 20k subscribers his channel functions as a vlog for his journeys on the World Tour.

I’d recommend watching the Indonesia Masters 2020 playlist to get real insight for what it’s like for a top player on tour. He also puts his 2020 goals out into the open in a video with a very different style to any seen before.

Link to Anders Antonsen YouTube.

Viktor Axelsen

Another current Danish men’s singles player, Viktor Axelsen has been number one in the world and also World Champion. His channel has been a mixture of different content including vlog like videos much like Anders Antonsen’s. His videos also include question and answer type videos and trick shot tutorials.

More recently his content is following the trend of detailing his fitness regimes and tips on how he stays in shape. Perhaps my favourite video though is his video showing his dislike for the new service rule and how it affects the tall people of Badminton.

Link to Viktor Axelsen YouTube.


If you found this article helpful return the favour and share it with a friend. If you feel I’ve missed anything out or have other advice, please leave feedback and share your help with others below. Thanks again for reading.

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Written by Liam Walsh who lives in Manchester, England. Working as a Software Engineer but moonlighting as a dad, Badminton player/coach and creator of BadmintonsBest.

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